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Thank you Dr. Rubinshtein for giving me a beautiful smile. I took a fall last year which ruined my front teeth. Thankfully I met Dr. Rubinshtein at Yale Dentistry who gave me better teeth than I had to begin with. Thank you for being so professional and looking out for my best interests every step of the way.

James H.
Smile Makeover

I wanted to thank the most amazing Dentist in the world Daniel S. Rubinshtein for saving me when I was in the worst of pain. Emergency triple route canal after being on pain for an entire flight, and my face blowing up like a watermelon (as seen here lol), I walked out jumping for joy. Best of luck to the best in the game.

Benjamin B.

Dr. Daniel Rubinshtein was extremely professional and spent a tremendous amount of time with me. I felt very comfortable in his office. He spends so much time with his patients and ensures that you're educated on all procedures you may need done before they are completed. Excellent bed side manners. Highly recommend Dr. Daniel Rubinshtein.

Kristina A.
Smile Makeover

Thanks so much Dr Daniel for taking such great care of my boys!! You are the best!!! You are going to cost me a fortune though because now both boys want to be dentists!!!

Sandra C.
Smile Makeover